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  • Hundred face

    07 juillet 2011 ( #moto )

    Finally here is the real man without face Yes and then tomorrow, and the next week these last one Run Enfin voici le véritable homme sans visage Oui et puis demain, où la semaine prochaine ces dernier Run Sa devise principale prendre chacun comme il est...

  • Angry biker

    21 juin 2011 ( #moto )

    On Saturday demonstration of the angry niker see article of the first Kabulars hopla Click the picture Samedi manif des motards en colère voir article du premier des Kabulars hopla Cliquer sur l’image El sábado mani de los motoristas de la policía enfurecidos...

  • Che hopla

    29 juin 2011 ( #moto )

    He is Che it is his nick name by theo Kabulars hopla and he says Stop shorter where I nail you on the roof, and even better I transform you into hahha mole, well, er see the result Well all right next week I am going to ask for a audition in Rome Lui...

  • Short's

    27 juin 2011 ( #moto )

    Moi je te dis les shorts hopla tous pleins Ceux qui ne disent rien sont shorter Ceux qui ne prennent pas de décisions sont shorter Ceux qui ne disent pas bonjour sont shorter Ceux qui ne vous regardent pas, par fierté sont shorter Ceux qui sortent des...

  • Peace and love

    20 juin 2011 ( #moto )

    Hopla hello has you all and the Gods of the road be with you Amen!!! Then there was what this weekend well, er as of ab the building of the home of my bike Ja then kabulars in the demonstrations of Belfort and Strasbourg end to finish our Zagula National...

  • Onis sois qui mal y pense

    22 juin 2011 ( #moto )

    Ben today haha that begins well! DSQ sold me its small limousine for cheap, yes ben it is necessary to pay bodysuits haha guard and then ben ' sil had had a Harley it it would not be happen And then ben guess where what we were on Saturday? In the bakery...

  • I don't know ?

    05 juillet 2011 ( #moto )

    At the moment as I said not big exitRun and for the summer, time built of the biker home with the Che and indeed and voluntary work of kabualrs? Rare nowadays, especially when I do guided visit they? They work And then in our small Run Hopla small we...

  • Bonjour , Hello

    14 juin 2011 ( #moto )

    Hopla ben this weekend as of ab with the new official photographer, the former does not give any sign of life hahha to guess who?? Eh, he says what Hans? Hahha what yes? The Tintin with a Honda made in the USA that exists yes, hopla and Sunday as well,...

  • Me harley's casa

    06 juin 2011 ( #moto )

    They came from High Alsace, from the Country of Sungau and from Black Forest for m ' to help to build the house of my Of Harley Regrettably you will see me a little less on roads, hopla the construction site will last all the season of Run without counting...

  • Yes he was here

    07 juin 2011 ( #moto )

    The biker Home amounts under connoisseurs' eyes of Yrieux of laubanie first governor of Nine-Brisach hopla even q ' he says!!!! Sheds horses I made it build hundreds hopla, was all of the part(party) hundred face which came with its American Honda, and...

  • Lahr

    31 mai 2011 ( #moto )

    To the program every Saturday of spring, summer and autumn Ze home once hahha but on Sunday Run compulsory as we go in mess. And on Sunday it was Run with small party BY the 81, on a former Canadian base to Lahr di it say to you??? For this RUN we were...


    01 juin 2011 ( #moto )

    Well all right there I am trompè of image it is not ange with one hundred face, well the wooden and attractive harley, eh if what? But not I say to you Well all right if you take him(it) like that??? I would say nothing more And then this song I dedicate...

  • Table

    26 mai 2011 ( #moto )

    Then today we end our Bodensee Run Hopla, around a single table And always the only one yes Not several small tables where we observe and meditate? No for one year always a single table. There were outcomes and at the moment it is the income which are...

  • Most et encore yes ?

    02 juin 2011 ( #moto )

    Hopla? There I have to say that there were any sorts of special machines, ALSO a Dedion button on a frame of bike, finally he(it) adorned that in l origin it was like that? Hem still wait for some pictures tomorrow and then we pass in the other thing...

  • COOL

    30 mai 2011 ( #moto )

    This weekend was cool Construction of the home on Saturday with kabulars voluntary hopla and it every Saturday hopla and then to relax Run in the interesting places Thus you will have the report from tomorrow if i have time and while waiting for good...

  • Bodensee Run stand up à RETTENBERG dans une braSserie

    24 mai 2011 ( #moto )

    On this blow there? And as of Usefull there was atmosp here that someone signed to return agin hahha Sur ce coup là ? et comme d’ab il y avait de l’ambiance même que certain ont signé pour revenir hahha ¿ Sobre este golpe allí? Y así como cada vess había...

  • Rettenberg

    23 mai 2011 ( #moto )

    Hopla then continuation(suite) of the last week once, having left the Swiss, then having crossed(spending) by Austria and of new Germania we arrive in a small village in Algau? Rettenberg And then welcome(reception) in a brasserie(brewery) there I do...

  • Sturgis en basse Alsace

    07 avril 2011 ( #moto )

    For those who n were there not you missed some things hahha, us not hahha And then also without forgetting the artistic talents of Marguerite yes look at the sattle -bag of its frame. The store too and full of perfect machines, and the flag Harley on...


    09 mai 2011 ( #moto )

    This weekend there was an big event hahha big yes? Rally inter-chapter of road Capitain Yes they had the Bodensee-Donau chapter where I am the representative for France and then then we had Enzo who is the Virtual director Europe of kabulars yes my sirs...


    05 mai 2011 ( #moto )

    Hey hopla the continuation of Sunday once, there was also with us for this family trip I would say Kabul chapter Austria with his(her) director and the wasp which is to member of honoris Then a members more but just the time of a beer Uwe? You know himhahha...

  • Church yes

    12 mai 2011 ( #moto )

    For more than 340 years Vauban established the Sunday's rest Hahha thus I go to the mass, she is attractive the church eh???? And then at the exit as ben as of former days Horses wait for us, and opposite the bar also hahha Depuis plus de 340 ans Vauban...

  • Biker rally by Captain H.Dock

    04 mai 2011 ( #moto )

    And then I also say you for alone biker who want to meet other biker from sometime Well there is 7 possibiltè every weekend Hopla elle y était , où eux y étaient !! they were there hopla and sometime non commend mais demain la suite de ben vous verrz...

  • The ghost of the forteress

    29 avril 2011 ( #moto )

    Hello to end the week hier are the ghost of the fortress, you want to see it then follow me hahhha Ghost where you are ,,, kept silent hahha, yours I have just perceived a blow of wind? Yes it I is kept silent looks for me??? Hey yes, hey not? What you...

  • Today

    28 avril 2011 ( #moto )

    Indeed on Hahaha there is hahha Harley but Harley also the other brandsand then I I like(love) all what that has two wheels and especially two wheels with characters who have spirits biker and not biker for the égo hahha And in spite of I have no American...


    02 mai 2011 ( #moto )

    Yesterday meeting in the klein Mustertahl of a wizard of the nature who came back at night from Waldpurie haha moreover he told us a funny story of Tongue Hopla I am going to put an euro in the hahha box and then WE ended to Rothaus black forest country...


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